Where Am I Right Now

Hello People,
I just entered my 19th month of the journey around the world.  Yes, I am a dad of three amazing kids and as I type this, they are sleeping in our cozy room in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This week and the next one, I am a single dad. Yep, a single dad. My dear wife Gabi left us all alone 🙁 for about two weeks so she can be quite. I hope the Vipasana will not make her crazy. Last night, our family travel blog  blog crushed and i am going crazy. I done all i could think of and nothing. Let’s hope it will come up again and soon. I am handling the kids really well considering the fact that i was impatient with them for the past, at least, two weeks.  last week, we all went to Phnom Penh for 6 days and it was for the most part great. I will write about it more in the next post. In the top picture, we are, as a family, in one of the temple near Siem Reap. it was great to enter for free after 17:30. we just had to pay $3.5 for tuk tuk.
Thank for coming to my blog,


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