What Is Your Favorite Language As You Travel?

I love speaking English! I really do.  And believe it or not, I am an Israeli born and still English is my favorite and preferred language. Though I learned the language in school while growing up. My first really exposure to the language was while moving to the US. And like this survey blow tries to find out, for me English is a very reach language and I can easily express myself better. I truly believe that English is an international language and the more I travel, the more I appreciate the fact I know English very well. For instance, as of now I travel in Vietnam and in so many case, I wish that the local only knew only few words in English so we could have the most basic conversation. The survey also says that a lot of people find multilingual people more attractive.  I agree with that since people who speak several languages are being seen as smart people. and smart people are popular.. not the nerds I guess. ha ha ha.. So I guess is the right balance between language abilities and still being cool. And as for French being the most romantic language, I do debate between Spanish and French. I can count on my hands the number of words I know in French but no doubt that if you love someone, the most sexy and the most sensual way to express it, would be in French. Just say Je t’apprécie vraiment. But you are serious about this love, use Je t’aime!
So enjoy the following survey and share with me any thoughts you have from it….

love learning English infographic
Love learning English with Kaplan

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