What Is So Special About Holiday In The UAE

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United Arabs Emirates has seven emirates that cover a vast range of cultural and geographic features.  The emirates have the most modern constructions next and the archaeological sites.  There are so many things that make a holiday in the united Arabs emirates unique and special for holiday, the some of the special activities written here are just but shadow of more special holiday activities in the united Arabs emirates.

The camel race

The camel race is a must attend in the united Arabs emirates.  The UAE employs older jockeys and robots for the camel race.  The Abu Dhabi one of the emirates of the united Arabs emirates has a camel race at the Al Wathba camel racetrack use robots to control the camel.  The robots wear little uniforms and the whipping motion of is remote controlled by the camel owners.  The owners of the camel travel a very parallel track in their cars and operate the remote controls from the tracks.
Mountain and Gulf of Oman(image by daarkfire)

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - camel race so special about holiday in the UAE

They are located in the Furairah, which is a more old-fashioned part of the united Arabs emirates.  The beautiful mountains and the gulf are unique in their own way, the reason why Fujairah is a must visit when in the united Arabs emirates.  The soft paddy beaches and the traditional crafts like the creation of the palm fronds canoe.

Gold souk in Dubai

Dubai is a metropolitan city in the world, the most toured city in the world; the gold souk is located in the Deira area of Dubai.  The area has more than three hundred dealers in primarily pure gold jewelry and other types of jewelry can be found in the bigger shops. You need to buy that special gold for your beloved when on holiday in Dubai, visit the gold souk and that will make your holiday in Dubai special.

Dubai duty free shop

Dubai duty fee shop is one of the biggest duty free shops in the world, located in the Dubai international airport, the shiny, enormous, and enticing duty free shop will make your holiday so special.  with so many unique things to buy as gifts and also to play the many raffles and you can be lucky enough to win some big cash or even a huge motorbike, and what a way to end your holiday than with some extra cash and gifts.


The biggest indoor skiing is found in Dubai one of the UAE emirates, the indoor skiing facility is located adjacent to the mall of the emirates has real snow through out the year.  The facility has a quarter pipes for snow boarders to practice their skills.(image by Tony Wasserman)

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Skiing so special about holiday in the UAE

Dreamland Water Park

Located in Umm al- Quawin dreamland is the largest in the world and in the united Arabs emirates.  You can make a day or a night trip to the water park.  The water park has salt pool in which you can float like the Dead Sea, numerous slides, family rafts, lazy river and a go-kart, all activities for your family members you can find here.  The Jacuzzi and spa like pool bar for the adults, with restaurants and fast food outlets.

The United Arabs emirates have earned that reputation as a special holiday destination, with best accommodations and amenities.  It is impossible to get bored while having your holiday in Dubai.


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Feature image by Salman Ashraf

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