Q: What had inspired you to do such a trip?

A: Since I remember myself, I loved exploring and live differently. The
idea of traveling the world always seems to me impossible and not
feasible. I was always under the impression that one has to be rich,
very rich to afford such a journey. After meeting my wife Gabi, we
realized that we both like the same things and have very similar dreams.
How lucky are we? One of the days, we each took pen and paper and
imagine that we had a million dollar. We put put down a list of dreams
we wished for if we actually had a million dollars. And guess what? we
realized that we could fulfill most of these dream without being
millionaire.  One dream that we on our both list was to travel the
world. But how do we accomplish such a thing. We stared to read and one
of the many amazing books we read book really inspired us was
Vagabonding. Vagabonding is about taking time off from your day-to-day
life- days, weeks, months or even better, years – to discover the world
on your own terms!

Another inspiration was the great song of Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”. in the song, it says “… open up your mind and see like me…open up your plans, and damn you’re free…there is no need to complicate our time, it is short….

Q: How can you afford traveling for so long? Are you rich?

A: To
begin with, we are not rich and never were. We started to dream about
making making this journey a reality, we also started to plan. We had
not idea for how we will be traveling for and how much it will cost us
but we knew we need money. Dah! So at first, we said “let’s go for one year“. and we ask ourselves,”how do we need for one year?”. The answer was “who the hell knows“.
So we defined an amount we thought is appropriate for a family of five
for one year. We planed to leave four years from that time which is 48
months. We took this amount and divided it by 48 and came up with the
monthly amount we need to save. And we knew that no matter what, we will
put this amount aside. And every bonus, salary increase or any
unexpected funds that came our ways, went directly to the same “Trip
account”. In addition, we came with a plan to reduce our day-to-day
costs. We sold one car and figure out that even if we need taxi everyday
to take the kids to and from school, it will cost us less than having a
second car. We lower the budget on annual vacations, we stopped buying
new cloths, did not renew any appliances for furniture. And we needed
anything that broke down, like the dryer, we purchased second-hand for
very cheap. The plan worked so well, that we had the amount we wanted
after two years. So we decided to close our student loans and mortgage
and start saving all over again. In the other two years, we had all the
money we planned to have an eve little more.