Tips to Enjoy a Successful Round the World Trip

The rise of the internet in recent years has changed the way many people work. A computer and an internet connection means they are not tied to an office and can effectively work wherever they want. Many are taking advantage of this opportunity to travel the world and with budget airlines across the globe making this cheaper all the time there has never been a better time to just get up and go. Travelling can be an enriching experience for anyone, but needs some planning and forethought to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. The following tips are designed to help with this.


Long term travel means plenty of time on the move and carrying heavy luggage is no fun when doing this. A good quality backpack that feels comfortable when worn is a starting point for packing and including only the essentials should keep the weight down. There is no point in packing extras that can be bought when needed or even found in accommodation. This includes toiletries, with items such as sun cream, toothpaste, soap and deodorants fairly easy to find in any country. Packing light means more comfortable travelling and is a sensible option for anyone intending to move around a lot.

Plan out a Daily Budget

Whether you are working or not while travelling it is a good idea to plan out a budget of what you can afford to spend on a daily basis and stick to it. Saving as much as possible before leaving should help so is something to consider doing. Keeping a log of daily expenses is also a smart move to keep track of what money you have and ensure that you do not run out. A separate emergency fund can be a lifesaver. No one wants things to go wrong on a trip, but problems can come out of the blue and having some money set aside to deal with these is a sensible idea.

Flights and Accommodation

Apart from daily costs, the other two major travelling expenses are flights and accommodation. For those that know their travelling itinerary the internet makes it simple to get an idea of the cost of getting to and staying at a destination. Knowing this makes it easier to plan for them. The boom in budget airlines makes finding affordable flights easier these days and in most parts of the world they are the cheapest way to quickly travel around. There are also some great deals on multi stop flights with flexible departure times. To find cheaper accommodation try hospitality exchanges at websites such as Couchsurfing and Global Freeloaders. Other options include staying at hostels, farms or even monasteries.


Moving around from place to place at a furious pace might seem exciting, but it can be stressful and tiring. Try to plan for a week or two at each destination if possible to provide a chance to unwind and relax from the rigors of travelling. Also make sure to get in some exercise to keep the body healthy as this will make the travelling experience all the more enjoyable. This can be as simple as a walk or run in a local park and some accommodation may have an exercise room for the use of guests.


Travelling typically means carrying a laptop and it can pay to back up the information on this to make sure that it is not lost. Simple ways to do this include carrying a portable hard drive or using an online storage website. Both these methods allow information to be kept in a second location. This means that if a problem does occur with a laptop, the pictures, work documents and other digital information stored on it are still available.

Travelling is a great experience that can enhance life and make for some fantastic memories. For those planning a long term journey the tips shown above are food for thought to plan for an enjoyable time.

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Scott MacGregor is a freelance travel writer.

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