The Best RV Trip Ever!

As a nomadic dad, the travel in the USA was great.

Our first destination was in NYC (btw, this is my 2nd visit in my life). We landed in NJ and stayed in a Marriott hotel for a night before heading to Manhattan.  There, we booked in advanced a flat of a women via for $100/night. Then, it seems like a great deal. Now looking back considering the fact that we are renting a nice unit for $5/night, I can say nothing more. in NY, I got ill with high fever. Ironically, in my first visit in NYC before we had kids, I got dead sick as well.  In this visit, unlike the first one, I still had the chance to walk around and see few stuff. Yeah! the Weather was nice and we got snow on our last day. we were so lucky.
from there, we moved to Houston to visit Gabi’s (my wife) family. We had great time though we ended up spending too much money.
but the best pat was a 2 week RV trip in West US. Don’t miss this video

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