Simple and Effective Travel Tips

One of the best things about travel is the chance to really get away from the daily grind. Yet have you ever come home needing a holiday after your holiday? Whilst everyone has different travelling styles, the point is to feel better not worse, right? Yet some forget that simple comforts can help make a holiday worth talking about. Plus with the wonders of modern gadgetry there are so many fantastic products, small and affordable, than can easily travel with you. Seriously, would Bond go on assignment before checking in with Q?

First take a moment to assess your regular travelling habits; are you roughing it in needles ways? Think of the little things that really up your comfort level—are they truly worth doing without?

Touches of Home

Sleep: For those who have trouble sleeping it is particularly important to do whatever works. If that means bringing your own pillow and blanket, remember the inconvenience will be slight compared to the benefits of quality sleep. Also consider the assistance of aromatherapy with soothing scents like lavender, orange blossom, or even your loved one’s shirt.

Family reminders: Many who travel regularly have tricks to stay connected with loved ones. If you find you’re missing home more and more, try taking a few touchstone items for your hotel nightstand. It could be a family photo, your favourite tea cup, or any little something that reminds you of home. No one’s judging so do whatever is needed to help you feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.

Gadgets Galore

Make friends with technology and let super cool and affordable inventions make travelling much more pleasant. Depending on where you’re going, and when—any number of these tech breakthroughs could offer assistance, whether travelling for business or pleasure.

Smartphone—Yes this sounds like a given but there are still a few souls out there who prefer to kick it “old school” when it comes to mobile technology. Yet once you sign on you will wonder how you ever travelled without such a wonder.

In addition to quick access to websites for businesses and attractions, these features will rock your world:

GPS—Whilst it’s always smart to know how to read traditional maps, there are few things as wondrous as GPS technology. Simply set coordinates and then spend the rest of the drive concentrating on the road. Plus if you’re looking for the best pub lunch, just ask and you’ll be given whatever options are nearby.

Shopping Apps—Avid shoppers can be sure they’re getting the best deal with any number of the free and low-cost shopping apps available. In addition to having access to general store information, users can enter searches for specific items, store reviews, discounts and coupons, you name it.

Weather Guide—Weather can make or break a holiday, particularly when outdoor plans are derailed by unforeseen storms. Before departure and during your trip, stay on top of weather changes with a reputable mobile app.

Note to travelling mobile users: To avoid frustration and unforeseen additional usage costs, be sure to know where your mobile can be used without extra fees.

Personal air purifier—From plane to rail, travel instantly increases one’s odds of becoming ill. In order to give good health a fighting chance, consider a handy little fan-free necklace that helps keep contaminants away. The technology has become so brilliant that travellers can now safeguard their health without drawing unwanted attention to themselves. Before buying, be sure to look for reputable brands with better-than-average customer satisfaction ratings.

Noise canceling—Most mobiles have free apps for this feature but there are also little gizmos designed specifically to create a sound barrier between you and the rest of the bustling noise. What soothes, the sound of crickets or rolling waves? Or perhaps a steady wash of white noise is preferred? The ability to block unwanted noise could be the difference between a great holiday and a miserable one. Note, too, that there are plenty of noise-canceling headphones and earbuds on the market, as well.

Whatever the reason for travel, these simple tips can help make each experience a more pleasurable one. Remember to take the best of home with you and also let modern technology become your favourite travelling companion. You’ll be healthy, well-rested and highly informed about the good that surrounds you.


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