Should I Be Open to Criticism

Should I be open to Criticism? I really don’t know. Yesterday one of the most major online news site in Israel, which is our home country, posted an article on the first page (in Hebrew) about our journey. The main theme of the article was about being parents on the road and about the 5 things we learned as parents on the road. Gabi wrote this piece and I found it quite impressive. So the post went out and was really surprised and taken off guard about some of the negative reaction some of the readers had.
The first type (like 22%):
The first group of reader reacted with few comments saying that we should be arrested and the kids should be taken from us and so on. I know I should not take these closed-minded thoughts deep in me but it did affected for some extent. Made me thing who stupid these people can be. I am not saying the what we do is the BEST thing. perhaps there are better way to raise your kid and maybe there are not. i don’t know. but I do know is that this trip is fucking great. great for us and great for us. If you know how to ready Hebrew, you would probably shocked with the words that were vomited there. I think one of the points that really bother me is that those are my people.
The second type (like 17): 
The second group of reader were the one who were confident that we must me damn wealthy to afford such a trip. How can I explain to them that we are not anywhere near of being rich, financially anyway.  If they only know how many sacrifices were made and how many changes were taken in our lives to make this happen. Gabi wrote a lot about it in our nomadic family blog but i guess these people are even too stupid to read in English. ha ha ha. Not only did we work hard and even harder, we also cut down on our monthly expenses to the point that we could save even more than we planned. who cool is that? we managed to save in little over two years what we meant to save in four!
The third type (like 61%):  
This is my favorite group. this one actually were really proud of us and gave us so many strengthening words. Words like what we do is the best and they are jealous (someone had to admit it damn it) about what we do. Some wanted to be our kids (thought we hear that a lot on the road when various travelers want to be out kids but I am only willing the girls over 25 ha ha ha). So bless this group and I am glad it turn out the majority.
The tribe had spoken!!! We should keep going!
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