Scary Story About People Who Left To Travel and Never Returned

So I am here in our travels around the world with my kids and my wife feeling that we are on the top of the world. We mostly feel safe and sound and get excited by the small stuff the world bring us.

But what will happen if we take things for granted? What will be if we stop being careful and not even take into considerations the small and basic traveling guidelines such as don’t walk at night in unfamiliar area, never withdraw money from ATM at night or small corners.  As we travel, even when things are exciting and everyone around us are our “best friends”, we have to keep on watching and keep being careful.

The reason I having this discussion is that I cam across a sad post about 15 people who left for a vacation and never got back home. This article was a slap in the face for the bubble I am living on the road.

So take a look and, enjoy the reading will not be the appropriate term.

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Second image courtesy of anitapeppers

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