Round the World: Pre-Adventure Tips & Advice

Lovely Travel  Around the Wrold RTW -cheap flights around the world

When it comes to global adventures, there’s more that needs to be considered than just booking
the round the world flights and accommodation options. You need to make sure that all bases are
covered so that you can go away knowing that there’s absolutely nothing to stress about. Make sure
that you’re properly prepared so that nothing can go wrong, with this handy checklist.

Is the itinerary sorted?

While most of this will already be organized, through booking flights and accommodation, have you
decided what excursions you’re signing up for? Planning these in advance could mean cheaper deals
from reputable providers.

Plan your itinerary as much as possible, without being totally regimented and draconian. Loan some
Lonely Planet travel books from the library or browse online for some ideas, to make sure you don’t
miss out on anything during your adventure. When booking with a tailor-made travel specialist such
as Trailfinders, you’ll find a great selection of tours to choose from that have been put together by the

Lovely Travel  Around the Wrold RTW -cheap flights around the world

Has your family holiday been approved at work?

Make sure that the time off you have requested has been agreed before you go ahead and book,
particularly if you’re planning to be away for longer than the standard couple of weeks.

While some may decide to pack in their job in favor of this once in a lifetime trip, it shouldn’t be the
only option. Exhaust all routes before you decide and speak to your boss for advice.

Do you need any vaccinations or courses of tablets?

This depends on where you’re going in the world but if you add subtropical countries onto your list
of places to visit, be sure that you’re up to date and protected. Whether it’s a course of tablets for
malaria or an injection to immunize against yellow fever, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Are you insured?

It’s recommended to be insured for a trip across the Channel, let alone a worldwide escapade.
Travel insurance is absolutely essential for peace of mind, so don’t overlook its importance. You may
also need to arrange visas for certain countries, so make sure these are organized so that you can
definitely visit.

Do you have the right currency?

Depending on where you’re going, it’s not always easy to find an ATM. While popular cities should
have them in abundance, check the fees involved. Consider opening an account before you travel,
which is specifically for foreign transactions. It may be easier to take a little bit of local currency just
in case, particularly if you’re trekking through jungles and embarking on safaris. Consider travelers
checks to be on the safe side, too.

A little forethought can be all that’s required to ensure a stress-free adventure that you’ll never forget.

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