Precautions to Take During and Before Horse-Riding

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Horse riding is considered to be one of the most enjoyable sporting activities around the globe. However, this is achieved by considering some of the precautions which tend to be very useful to the rider. Travelers around the globe find this kind of sport to be very enjoyable and very addictive. Though not very popular, this sport has attracted many travelers due to its fascinating nature graced by exploring the vast lands lying underneath the beautiful terrains. This has made horse riding gain popularity especially in the Northern parts of America, Central Mexico and some arid parts of Canada. However, there are dangers experienced in horse riding as a result of the speed and the giant figure of the horse, obstacles and also the unpredictability involved in horse riding. This makes horse riding extremely dangerous due to fatal accidents associated with careless riding. Therefore, to enjoy the sport it’s vital to learn some precautions that will enable to reduce the possibility of getting injuries. Some of these precautions include;

Attend Riding Lessons

This is a safety tip greatly projected towards new horse riders, amateurs or the inexperienced ones. Riding lessons can be very expensive but well worth it for increased riding safety. These lessons are achieved through thorough research in libraries involved with this sport. It is also advisable to visit links and sites so as to acquire a broad idea about horse riding. For those who cannot afford the expensive riding lessons fee, that’s not the end. Finding an experienced partner in the field of horse riding is a great idea. These instructors play a very great role in perfecting your horse riding skills practically. Many instructors offer reduced rates of money for groups of two or more students.(image by lahainaanimalfarm)

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Attend Riding Lessons Precautions to Take During and Before Horse

Always Wear Protective Gear

Gears for this kind of sporting activity are completely absolute and specific. For example, it is always advisable to wear the equestrian helmets compared to the bicycle helmets. This is because the equestrian helmets are designed for impact to the back of the head, as opposed to the bicycle helmets which are opposed to side and front injuries. It’s always important to wear a boot with a good heel with a good impact on the stirrups. It’s always advisable to use safety stirrups that will prevent your feet from slipping through.

Mentally and Physically Fit

Just like any other sporting activity, mental fitness in terms of staying alert and having confidence during horse riding is very essential. Horse riding begins straight from the mind and the attitude towards the game. This is achieved by having great interest in the game and giving it a try. Staying alert and avoid tension during horse riding is very necessary since careless related accidents are by far minimized. (image by: Fort Bragg, NC Paraglide ).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Physically Fit Before Horse-Riding

Consider the Riding Ethics

These ethics are the principles which guide any horse rider during riding so to enhance safety and make the sport enjoyable. They include; you should never ride alone, always consider riding with an experienced and familiar rider, learn to do an emergency dismount, always ride in complete control, check your girth before mounting, check tack regularly for signs of wear and weaknesses, keep at least one horse length between you and the horse in front, take your cell phone and when about to end your riding, walk the last mile to prevent a bad habit of rushing.

These are some of the most important riding tips one should not avoid during riding. This is not enough, try horse riding and you will learn a myriad of precautions that will make your experience an exciting one! Consider hiking as your next activity, an awesome experience.


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