Precautions to Take Before and During Hiking

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Precautions to Take Before and During Hiking

Though not popular to many country men, hiking is one of the most interesting sports one can have. One gets an opportunity to directly interact with the stunning atmosphere as well as the great diversity of flora and fauna. However walking long distances with a backpack of heavy supplies, hostile weather conditions, dangerous wildlife amongst others are some of the hazards one is likely to encounter during hiking. This should not make hiking so difficult. Just like any other sport, it is normal to experience challenges and everyone should be responsible for their own safety. So as to reduce some of these risks it is very important to consider the following tips or rather precautions.

Consider Weather forecasts

Since hiking involves direct interaction with the atmosphere, it is always important to track the weather trends carefully and check the weather forecast before leaving for your hike. For example, it is advisable to go for mountain hikes when the temperatures are relatively cooler and a bit windier in the mountains than in the lower elevations of the park. Darkening skies and violent thunderstorms are no laughing matter, and if you are caught in such situation attempt to reach cover as quickly as possible. (image by: Sam Solomon ).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Weather Precautions to Take Before and During Hiking

Learn the Basics of Hiking

Just like any other sport it is very important to learn the ethics that are set to bring the hike into a success. This is normally advised to be carried out before leaving for the hike. Some of the basics include; wearing the most appropriate gear such as the compass, map, lighter, water, cell phone amongst others, learn first aid and carry a kit, keep your hiking party at par, take a map or a guide book with you and do not over pack. These are some of the rules that will guide and make your hike an enjoyable encounter.

Should be Careful Trailing through the Bush

This is recommended for mountain hikes especially where there dangerous and prevalent in the dark bushes or even falls. One should watch every step with precaution and have safety map to avoid spots which are very much known to be infested with these beasts. Snakes also turn out to be very dangerous if not avoided. Places which are considered attractive to snakes should be ignored to avoid injuries which may lead to death. An easy way to learn about wildlife which may be prevalent in your hiking area is to contact your local game warden. Additionally, areas frequented by hikers are good areas for hunters as well. It is always advisable to wear reflective clothing in these areas to avoid been mistaken for a prey.

Avoid Dehydration

This is one of the greatest challenges that face hikers. To avoid this, hikers should carry plenty of water with them. Alternatively, in hot areas hikers are advised to wear environmental friendly clothing such as light clothes to avoid much sweating. It is also important to walk in a slow pace to avoid fatigue which may result to too much dehydration. (image by: chris ereneta)

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Dehydration Precautions to Take Before and During Hiking

Other precautions and traveling tips one should consider include; do not over pack and ensure all the essentials are with you, carry tents, enough food and protective weapons which will assist during emergencies and consider making your hikes with an experienced guide.

These precautions are among the many that will make your hike enjoyable. Consider them while taking a hike thus the best hiking destinations in the world.


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