Photography Tips to Capture a Foreign Country’s Beauty

Surely, whether you are a professional photojournalist, or a photography hobbyist, taking photos in a foreign country on your family holiday can be daunting, overwhelming even. The most important thing to do is to be organized.

As a tourist, you can be in a country for so many different reasons. From the most obvious that is travel booking sites, to the most unique like expense-paid travels via poker competitions, there are already so many ways to travel. Everything just depends on what interests you, from photography, to casino gaming, to beaches and nightlife. Gaming sites  give opportunities to their users to travel to countries like France, Spain and South Africa to participate and be part of prestigious World Poker Tour competitions.

Tour de France, a much anticipated sporting event just like the World Poker Tours, also have become inspirations for travel companies to create themed tours mimicking the cross-country sport. From online communities focused on poker, music festival sites, and even sports sites like NBA, all of them, on occasion, give their visitors the break to travel anywhere around the world. If you don’t want to go random or just didn’t have the patience, you can always pay for a plane ticket. So now you have your flights booked and destination planned, how should you capture moments once you arrive? Here are some tips: Learn Your Camera It’s an obvious tip really. Make sure you know your camera for the least time spent in just prepping up the shots you want. “It’s very important to learn how to use the many basic functions and advanced features of your camera that you can use quickly to create an image,” emphasizes.

You never know just when a colorful moment comes across your way, but you miss it because you forgot to remove the flash setting. Research First Going with the general rule that you should be organized, study some general information about your destination. A good thought to ponder on as written in a blog by, “it’s best to do research about your destination. Aside from the usual tourist attractions, what other photographic opportunities can you have when you immerse yourself in the people and culture of the region or country?” Be An Unexpecting Foreigner Of course you should be knowledgeable especially when it comes to laws and safety precautions going to a different country, but as Michelle Chaplow of writes in her article Travel photography tips for photographing in Spain , “Use your ‘foreign eyes’. As a foreigner it’s easier to visually capture the exotic. A local photographer can just walk by the same scene without recognizing the importance of it…” add Local Continuing on Chaplow’s tips, make sure you focus on the local aspects that is, everything that makes your destination unique than where you came from.

Try to learn some local languages to communicate a bit, do not frame out a native when out and about on the streets, make the local cuisine a photography adventure, and coinciding with the “research first” tip mentioned earlier, attend local festivities or public events for a more unique experience. Again, the most important is to stay calm and have fun. As reiterated, organize, plus it wouldn’t hurt to plan ahead a theme but make sure you keep yourself open for unexpected situations.

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