An Offbeat Experience in the City Of Love

The travel bug bites us all and when it does, one cannot ignore the possibility of being in the “city of love”- Paris. There is possibly no place on this planet which is more adored than this. This city is evident of attracting millions of travelers every year. And the visitors crave to spend their lifetime here, if only they could. This French capital has many attractions to endeavour but here we have shortlisted some of the major offbeat and thrilling experiences one can explore.

Route knowledge is the prior requirement during any tour-

There are all kinds of routes available from almost every part of the world to visit this place, be it by land, by air or even by water but majority likes taking the air route as it more convenient and relaxing. There are several flight from San Francisco to Paris which is a boon for people living in this locale. Though it takes long hours to reach, it’s worth the effort. The airfares are cheaper all around the year so that people from every background can afford to visit the city of warmth and love.

Visit, explore, have fun and repeat – the motto of this city:

Paris does not need any special occasion to be visited. One can just make an impromptu decision to pack bags and leave for this destination. Taking a flight from Washington to Paris is also a helpful addition to the listing of convenience to travel in this place of special aura. It doesn’t make a big hole in your pocket as the fares airfares are budget friendly and the timing is also not-so-long if the correct mode of aircraft is chosen.

What are the main offbeat attractions to explore while visiting Paris?

  • The street art at the Butte-aux-Cailles is something very wonderful which cannot be ignored by the visitors.
  • Climbing at the top of the Eiffel Tower is a feeling of a lifetime that nobody can miss a chance to experience.
  • Taking a picnic-kind of a day out at the Luxembourg Gardens.
  • A short pilgrimage trip to Hermès calms the nerves.
  • The sunset scenario at Sacré-Cœur is a view to die for
  • Hanging out along-with the bobos, on the area of Canal St. Martin is surely one thing extroverts will find amusing.
  • Treat to eyes is the Frank Gehry’s Foundation.
  • Graze cheerfully at the gargoyles, near the Notre Dame.
  • Indulge yourself in an epic mouth watery feast at Pavillon Ledoyen.
  • One can pay respect to the departing soul at the cemetery called Père-Lachaise

The crave for traveling soothes the soul when met with adventures that are highly fulfilling both psychologically and emotionally. And when the place is so rich in its servings of heritage compiled with its attractiveness then there is nothing to give it a second thought. Just make your mind and visit Paris to have an experience of a lifetime. The more you travel the more experience you can have to keep serenity alive within yourself.

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