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Adult talks? right….! We are in Siem Reap, all stuck in one big room. One double bed, one bunk bed, and one mattress that finds it place on the floor every night. Cozy i must say. Crowded? Sometimes. We learned to manage small spaces by now after being so long on the roads. We try to travel on low budget and one of the compromises we make is mostly all in one room. The most cozy place we had was in north Panama where we all squeezed into a 4mX3m cabin. The best one was in Kanchanburi, Thailand where Gabi and I had our own private cabin and the kids had theirs. but how farther can we go along with that?

 As a dad who used to work hard and be away from his family for many hours everyday, I can truly appreciate boding time with the family. I love having quality time with each of the kids. And they love and appreciate it as well.  But… I am a man and a man has needs if you know what I am talking about. Gabi was away for two and half weeks and after she came back, we had a great madly-in-love love making. And since then, we are trying hard to find some intimate time to enjoy ourselves but nothing! Almost impossible! - sex
Adult Talks. Really? “Dad, can have this balloon?”

Before, the kids had no clue about our intentions of trying be alone. Before, they used to sleep earlier and had deep sleep. But lately, all changed. Not only do they fall asleep very late, usually after we already turned to exhausted Zombies, they also wake up due to unusual noises such as moaning. And then they ask “what is going on? What are you guys doing?“. What should I tell them? It is not that my kids are stupid or ignorant. We had some adult talk with them in the past and they know, theoretically, how babies are being conceived and so on. They see us kissing and being intimate with each other all the time. But asking me what I am doing to mom while we do this is a different story. And if I cannot come up with a reasonable explanation, the next question will be “Dad, why are you hurting mom!?
Quality Time with Orazi

So i guess the best solution is to do so more explanation; so more intimacy talks with my kids.
To be honest, I don’t know even where to begin. It might be too much for me to try to explain my kids why we do what we do in bed and the fact that sex is not only to make babies; it brings us pleasure! It’s like playing with your favorite stuffed animal.  I far from being Dr. Ruth or Dr Phill and not sure if I want to be. I need to find some delicate words that will put our needs in a reasonable plot so my kids will understand. But they will not, one way or another. So why even bother?

I think we will keep waking them up very early in the morning so they can go to sleep early exhausted before we do.  We will keep using “pistol’ silenter while we moan so they can keep dreaming on whatever they dream of.  and perhaps, it will spare me from explaining that this is a non-violent activities. We are only piece and love seekers.

As for you, I would love to hear your stories how you handle such a situation.

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