Must Have Items for Your Caravan Holiday

caravan holiday

Holidays are a time to relax and unwind, but to make may for the relaxation, preparation needs to be thorough so you can make the most out of your valuable time off. Here are a few essentials every caravan holiday maker needs to make their holiday run smoothly.

Power Supplies

Depending on the caravanning site’s facilities, you might need to stock up on backup power – especially if you making a long trip and stopping off anywhere on the way.

Smartphones and anything battery operated like toys and tools, need backup power in the reserves to keep you connected and in the black with the battery power. Make sure you have extra batteries, extension leads and mains adaptors.

Top tip: You might find you need a generator. Naturally, in a camping or caravanning site, nuisance noise needs to be kept to an absolute minimum, so you’ll need a decent quality low noise or silent generator. You can find a huge range top brand silent diesel generators at SGS Engineering which will keep your fellow caravan neighbours happy.

Weather Gear

Weather’s tricky to prepare for at the best of times, so it makes sense to pack gear for rain or shine. Make the most of your carrying space – you don’t get this with camping – so ensure you’re prepared for rain or shine. Here’s a handy list of weather gear:

Wet & Windy Weather

  • Wellington boots
  • Water and windproof coats
  • Wind breakers
  • Groundsheet for muddy or wet ground
  • Halogen heater

caravan holiday winter

Sunny & Hot Weather

  • Insect screen and repellent
  • Sun canopy and poles or built-in awning
  • Table fan
  • Camping chairs

Tools & Repair Kits

It always pays to be prepared to avoid getting caught out in tricky situations like breakdowns, power shortages, or any number of possible eventualities. The best advice is to take spares of everything likely to break or come loose; bulbs, fuses, awning pegs, lamps and hoses.

Aside from all the regular tools and equipment that come with caravanning, like waste disposal, electrical connectivity, and towing items, you’ll need additional safety equipment including tools, fire safety equipment, first aid and repair kits.

Leisure Gear

Whatever you like doing activity wise, don’t forget to pack your leisure gear. But as we all know, the weather has a tendency to be unpredictable, so don’t forget to being things to do in the rain. Surfboards, skateboards, bicycles, are all good in fair weather, but you might want to think about wetsuits, indoor games, books and portable tech to entertain you away from the elements.

Preparation is the key to a great holiday – don’t scrimp on it could put a dampener on your fun.



Images credit (under CCL) by order:   GeoffDino Borelli

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