How Heathrow Airport is the Perfect Welcome to All Things Great About London

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When travelling to London, you have to have the skills and the know-how to weave your way through a city. Business Insider calls the most congested in Europe. Add that to the fact that the metropolis is home to a busy airport like Heathrow, and you have on your hands the amplified possibility of a taxing endeavour right from the start. All’s not lost, though, as long as you come prepared and can remain patient, passing through a labyrinth of London and Heathrow’s calibre will seem like a Sunday morning walk in the park.

Based on figures by The Express, Heathrow Airport sees more than 70 million passengers each year – 6 million more than the United Kingdom’s total population – making it one of the top 10 most active landing fields in the world. After absorbing that massive number, by now you should have an inkling of the inevitable challenges you’re about to face. From finding suitable airport parking to setting aside ample time for commuting, you should know by now that time is really of the essence during your whole London trip.

To put things in perspective, getting an appropriate airport parking spot will seem like a pipe dream, especially if locals haven’t reserve one beforehand. There are different parking options at Heathrow. The more standard ones are the short stay and the long stay, while the special provisions are the meet and greet and valet. Parking4Less even points out a hotel with parking alternatives that offers travellers great deals in terms of accommodation and amenities. This option is more inclined to those business travellers on an early or a late night flight. But if you’re a typical tourist looking to see the wonders of London, then you better study about the city’s various public transportation systems.

Coming out or making it to Heathrow is already winning half the battle, being on time is a different challenge altogether. The fastest way to travel from the airport to central London (or vice versa) is via the Paddington Heathrow Express. In fact, according to The London Tool Kit, it normally takes passengers 15 minutes to get to and from the airport. You just have to be ready to pay a premium of £22 for a single adult ticket. On the other hand, you have a less expensive option with the London Underground. During peak hours, the Tube’s tickets go for £5.10 and £3.10 off-peak. Just be sure to get an Oyster Card to achieve maximum savings and convenience.

Upon entering the heart of London, everything becomes basic. Seeing the many tourist spots in the city aboard the classic double-deck bus, or the river bus, gives you a distinct point of view. You can also easily transit to the equally charming neighbouring areas of Wimbledon, Beckenham, and New Addington on the city’s trains and trams. All in all, as difficult and as busy as it is, Heathrow Airport becomes sort of the welcome mat to the wonderful places to see and things to do in London.


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