Hit the Amazing Trails of Nepal – Get the Altitude Kicking

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Nepal prides itself with many mountains that provide the best trekking trails the world over. Breathtaking scenery along the hiking trails in the mountains of Nepal is just one of the reasons why people religiously gather at Kathmandu year after year to mark the start of their treks. This is and age old tradition that adds so much spice to the exciting adventure awaiting hikers.

There are numerous hiking trails in Nepal but the four most famous are; Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base camp, Mt. Everest, and Mt Kanchenjunga Circuits. These are famous across the globe for the fun and adventure that they bring to the trek. Every circuit has unique aspects that attract visitors and locals to it year in year out.

Annapura Circuit

Approximately seventeen days of trekking will take you through the legendary Annapura circuit. There is flora, fauna and best of all the famous mountains along the way. Meet the pleasant Hindu and Tibetan Buddhists on your journey. This experience will give you have a feel of unique cultural practices of the people living there. On this circuit, hikers will see spectacular mountains like Manaslu, Annapurna 1, and they will even have the honor of passing through the deepest gorge on earth. The oldest monastery in this region-Braga- is also found on the famous Annapurna Circuit. You need permission from conservation authorities to visit this region and the trails must not be trekked alone. You need a guide to show the best spots and in addition, they are more familiar with the trail. There are some costs that you must incur during your trek and experts estimate that these could amount to 13 USD a day for the modest trekker.(image by Ashish Bhujel).

Lovely Travel www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Annapura Circuit Amazing Trails of Nepal

Mt. Everest Base camp

Another trail that draws crowds to it every year is the Mt. Everest base camp. This one is a magical journey through one of the most breathtaking regions in the world. Take a steady ascent on the Mt Everest base camp trail and experience the friendly nature of the native Sherpa people. The most unforgettable sight of this trek is sunrise on the snow capped mountain peaks.

 Mt Everest

Trekking on the world’s tallest mountain gives nature lovers a chance to experience the gifts of Mother Nature in incredible measure. Rugged terrain and scenic beauty are a common sight on the Mt Everest trails. You will be treated to mystical views of high peaks, and magnificent Buddha monasteries on the hike. (image by James C Farmer).

Lovely Travel www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Everest Amazing Trails of Nepal

Mt. Kanchenjunga

The fourth most famous trail in Nepal is the Mt Kanchenjunga circuit. This circuit is so glorious that many like to call it the heart of paradise. Locals actually call it the Queen of mountains. The mighty Kanchenjunga glacier lies on your path as do many spectacular features. A trek on this circuit could take fourteen days and the costs depend on where you sleep and who your agents are.

For a successful hiking trip on any of these circuits, you should consult with relevant authorities in Nepal to give you travel advice as well as give you cost estimates. You must choose the right trekking gear on the rugged terrain if you want to avoid injuries. You can hire porters to help with luggage but you have to treat them fairly. Do not overwork your porter and watch out for high altitude sickness which is fatal if not handled early.

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