Great Accommodation Options in Africa

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids Budget Africa Accommodation hotels
Africa is still among the favorite travel destination of many tourists up to these days. A lot of people enjoy the mix of adventure and nature in the continent. If you have not traveled to Africa yet, it’s about time that you plan your trip now. Different famous body of water like the Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Sinnai Peninsula, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean surrounds Africa. It is known as the second largest continent in the world where you could find a lot of flora and fauna. When you decide to visit the place, among your first concern is accommodation. Below are the options you have for accommodation in Africa. Keep in mind that there are many things to consider when you visit Africa.
Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids Budget Hotels in Africa
Hotels in Africa
Hotels in Africa
Among the best choice for accommodation are hotels. Choosing the right one is a difficult experience due to the number of hotels in Africa. Since it is a popular tourist spot, a lot of hotels are established in the place. When you choose a hotel, be sure that it has a comfortable room and bed. You need this since a tiring exploration in the country would surely make you exhausted at the end of the day. Everything in the hotel must be neat, clean and functional with accommodating and polite staff. Some of the well-known hotels in Africa are The Palace of the Lost City, Cairo Marriott Hotel, Mercure Midrand Hotel and Cape Grace Hotel. The cost of your hotel stay would depend on the hotel you choose. Going for those 5 star hotels would surely be costly.
Ocean Resorts
Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids Budget Ocean Resorts in Africa
Ocean Resorts
Africa is not only a place that is known for amazing landscapes, traditions and cultures but also great beaches. If you want accommodation near the beach there are a lot of ocean resorts that you could choose from. The good thing with being in ocean resorts is the fact that you will have an overlooking view of the ocean from your room. You will surely see how magical the ocean is during the night. This is a good accommodation place for people who are looking for a luxurious and exotic experience. Families would also enjoy staying in these ocean resorts.
Safari Camps
Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids Budget Safari Camps in Africa
If you have your family with you for vacation, its best that you choose Safari Camps as your accommodation. This accommodation would provide you with astounding experience with thousands of birds, butterflies and different kind of animals in the land. These places are safe so you do not have to worry about anything even though elephants and leopards are nearby these camps. Though you are not in a hotel, you would still feel comfortable in the place and meal is of highest quality. When you stay on Safari camps, your kids would surely have a lot of stories to share with their friends when they get home. When it comes to the cost, this is a better option for you especially since you have your family with you.
Guest Houses
If you prefer to stay in guest houses, you have a lot of options. Just be sure that you book your accommodation as early as possible since most tourists are looking for these guest houses for their stay in known countries in Africa. You could easily find information about these guest houses online so take time to do your research. It would be best that you have direct communication with the guest house for a better deal. Be prepared for the cost on choosing guest houses for often times these are expensive.
Going to Africa for a vacation or for whatever reason would really be a fun and memorable experience. A lot of people have gone there and most of them really had a wonderful time. Your experience in the place would be more satisfactory if you choose the right accommodation for you.Related post:     6 Great Hotels in Israel

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