Five Amazing things to do while in Bandung


If you are searching for a place to go on holiday, look no further than Bandung. Bandung is popular for its cool and calm, comparable to that of areas in higher altitudes, and is the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province. Visitors from all over the world travel to Bandung to experience the different things such as its food and the superb environment. You will never lack things to do while in Bandung, the West Javanese’s capital city.

Bandung is located between three mountains which contribute to its cool and calm weather. Probably that is also a reason why it is regularly described as “Paris van Java” because of its rich endowment in arts and culture.

In addition to the fabulous accommodation options that can be booked via, there are a lot of things to do in Bandung but most importantly there are five unique things to do while on holiday in Bandung;

1. Go on a Family Adventure at the Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park 

The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park is perfect place to have a fun time with your family in Bandung. The park has a unique scene of the rock with a pine forest’s carpet. It is an outbound tourist attraction which has an exceptional atmosphere as a result of the pine forest and a natural environment. In addition ​​the Lodge has a campground for families which is unique because it resembles onions and the camps are very comfortable. There are plenty of activities and games one can do-You can decide either to contemplate in the calm mountain breeze among the pine trees, or instead run about shooting one other with paintball guns.

2. Stay at Bandung’s Unique Hotels 

When it comes to accommodation Bandung has various unique hotels which satisfy you according to your various needs. The sapu lidi resort is encompassed by nature’s melody and the echo of a surging waterfall from a distance and might satisfy your needs if you are in search of a fancy sleep on satin sheets, beneath a thatched rooftop of wooden huts. If you are in search of a bit of Europe’s taste in West Java, the GH Universal Hotel is your answer. It has Renaissance style decor inside and outside, you might even not remember that you are in Bandung.

Bandung accommodation

3. Have a Romantic time by the Lake at the Situ Bagendi

If you want to have a romantic time while in Bandung you should visit the lake at Situ Bagendi. The lake has a surrounding scene is purely breath-taking with tea plantations circling the area, making it appear as if somebody had covered the landscape with a green wool rug.

4. Hike and Camp at Mount Papandayan, Garut

Many people think hiking up a mountain is difficult task which is not easy to conquer. However Mount Papandayan has been regard as a beginner’s mountain by most outdoors men, because you can make it to its camping ground after only two hours of trekking. This makes hiking and camping at Mount Papandayan one of the fun things to do while in Bandung.

5. Explore great History at Situs Karangkamulyan

While in Bandung you should not fail to explore great history at Situs Karangkamulyan. Situs Karangkamulyan is an archaeological site where, Galuh kingdom’s remains, one of the ancient Indonesian kingdoms which dates back to the 7th century, lies. It is home to various historical monuments and objects, which include; the king’s throne, the queen’s bathing place and the chambers containing weapons and treasures, this site is well preserved up to this day.

If you settle on going on holiday to Bandung it is advisable that you should search for a good unique hotel through the internet and book for accommodation in advance before traveling to relieve you the stress of looking for hotel while you are already in Bandung and not very familiar with the area. It is also advisable that you pack your belongings and other clothing you shall need such as tracksuits which will be of use especially during hiking.



Images credit (under CCL) by order:  Ikhlasul AmalPhalinn Ooi

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