Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is not a cheap place to find accommodation, it can really stretch your pocket, but in the recent years accommodation has become more affordable in the vast area of Hong Kong.During the high season of the Chinese festivals and the Hong kong rugby everything is hiked up, book in advance to avoid the high rates. The Budget hotel ranges from the bed a breakfast rooms to guest house and hostels.

Y-Loft hotel

A budget hotel in Hong kong, Y-Loft is a hidden gem located in the industrial district of chai wan, less than thirty minutes ride from the southern beaches of the Hong Kong beaches and a great place to prepare you for the hiking trails of the Tai Tam county park. This affordable hotel has spacious rooms with larger windows and spacious floors. The hotel has amenities like the roof top jogging tracks and fitness center and a free wi-fi.(image by Matt Morelli).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Y-Loft hotel Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong

The Hop Inn

The hop inn is located on the Hankow in Hongkong; this budget hotel has budget rooms which are spacious and clean. They are designed and illustrated by a local artist. Each of the hotel room has a unique design and pieces of unique art. The rooms have calming blue walls and the lights are made of electronic innards. They have both local and international cuisines. (image by Anna Gleeson ).

Inn Sight Hostel

The insight hostel is an excellent value for your money. The small hostel has only eight rooms and it is very close to the Kowloon Park, the star ferry and TSTMTR stations. The ferry takes travelers to the famous Hong Kong Island. The rooms are bright and tastefully decorated with air condition and free wifi. For a double room bed and breakfast it costs around fifty pounds per night. Their cuisine is just delicious.

The bridal tea house hotel

The hotel has stylish and simple rooms, and they have different franchise in Hong Kong and the Kowloon area. The hotel costs around forty pounds per double room per night. With amenities like gym and free wifi the hotel is value for your money. It is near dozens of bakeries and fruit markets. They have both the Chinese and some international cuisine.

The so hotel

The so hotel has dark interior and dimmed lights. The hotel has rooms varying from different sizes with wall to wall windows. The hotel is Located at the Sheung wan locations a few distance from the ferry piers for transportation to the outlying Hong Kong islands.

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Hotel in Hong Kong

Yes Inn Hostel @fortress Hills

The hostel is known as the queen of the budget accommodation in Hong Kong Island has cozy rooms with vibrant warm colors. It has free internet and ensuite rooms which are clean and spacious. Located within the central area of Hong Kong the hotel is very convenient for those on businesses and also for leisure. A double room cost less than forty pounds. The hotel along the cause way bay has a roof top terrace for a better view of Hong Kong.

For a budget accommodation in Hong Kong it matters with the persons taste and preferences. The budget accommodations are just basic hotel with few basic amenities, and they are located strategically in the business and transport areas of Hong Kong.


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