So what can I tell you about me…. let me think…..

So let’s start with some basic stuff like when you introduce yourself to a new person:
My name is Kobi Klaf, I am 43 years old and was born in Israel. I currently reside in the USA, I am married to my wonderful wife Gabi, and I have 3 amazing children Dahnay (11), Orazi (10), and Solai (8).

After that, the first thing you need to know about me is the I LOVE TRAVELING.
If you wish to know where I have been or plan to visit, go Destinations tab in the main menu. There, I am listing all the continents, the countries in the agenda, description of my experiences, videos and some cool photos.

My family and I in Seim Reap, Cambodia

Currently, my family and I are in the venture to explore the world in a unique way. We like to think of us as a “different” family. We are different in the way we run out lives and sometimes we get criticized for it by family, friends, and just strangers.  Regardless, we love our lives, especially on the move.

In this blog, I am bring the special moments from a Dad point of view as I travel with my family. I am dealing with moment of happiness, loneliness, sadness, confusions, enlightenment and much more.  There is no doubts that My life is nothing less then interesting.

So join me to my journey and I will be honored to get any comments or suggestions.