A Story of The Complicated Berlin City

My heart is in Berlin. That being said, that is the thing that I thought. I have been to such a variety of better places. I can’t live in Berlin for a more extended time, however I continue going back sometimes, attempt to stay a bit and check whether we can make it together. What has happened? Why did this city makes me now and then miserable or even discouraged? I had no other decision than to take a seat and expound on all the things I felt about Berlin while going there and why my association with this sublime city fizzled awfully.

Diversity vs. Attitudes

I can comprehend that vacationers are constantly entranced by the city, the differences of individuals and spots. Outsiders are infatuated with the street art here. What’s more obviously is that everyone is super creative! When you ask individuals what they’re doing, they’re either DJ’s or artists. Alternately, unemployed. Which is kinda the same as being an artist in the city. No other city has such a large number of innovative individuals than in Berlin and profiting from art is exceptionally troublesome in Berlin. As for the attitude, I would say disdain is a solid word, perhaps abhorrence would fit better here. They generally say Berliners are so legit and straightforward. I would likewise say they’re discourteous and frequently not equipped to admit their mistakes. For instance I’d request a beverage in a bar and the waitress would present to me the wrong one, she would demand that I requested it, regardless of the fact that I know I would never request that. I can affirm that individuals here are less well disposed than anyplace else. Anyhow that is simply my experience. (image by: Chris & Alice)

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Public Transportation vs. City’s Hygiene

I’ve been to New York, Tokyo, Mexico City and Istanbul. However from all these urban areas, easily, Berlin has the best open transportation. It is quick, its 24 hours, and we don’t have these irritating entryways as in many urban communities where you require a ticket to enter. Get in and get off or keep riding as long as your ticket is substantial. The extent that I know, we don’t have these entryways for security reasons. In case there’s a fire, individuals could escape a lot quicker. I adore the transportation in Berlin. Wherever you need to go, there are a lot of distinctive ways you can browse. The night transports are solid and safe. Unfortunately, the city of Berlin is not lovely. Ugliness is all over the place. Some other may call it sketchy or whatever, yet Berlin is overwhelming grey everywhere. The city is constantly under development. Practically all over the place you see dog poop. You ask why no one outside is taking a gander at you? This is because everyone is checking the asphalts while strolling! What’s more all around is broken glass. It seems like a really a mainstream thing here to toss bottles of beers to the ground.

Summer vs. Winter

These are the moments where I practically become hopelessly enamored again with Berlin. When it’s warm in the city, there is such a great amount of to do. Swimming in the lakes, drinking a brew by the stream, hanging out at a percentage of the copious sunny shore bars or simply chilling in one of the delightful parks. We used to hang out on the top of our house, however sadly more house holders are bolting the right to gain entrance to our darling tops. Winter begins in late August and finishes in June. Individuals who live there, will affirm that the climate in Berlin sucks the vast majority of time. The mid year is short and the winter appears interminable. On top of that, we scarcely get to see the sun in winter. Getting dim at 4:30 PM is truly discouraging. One of the principle reasons I’m not living there any more. Berlin is definitely cold. I’m not just discussing the climate here. Because people are as cold as the weather itself. (image by :  Rainer Blankermann )

The Dale Guild Travel Blog www.thedaleguild.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Summer vs. Winter A Story of The Complicated Berlin City

Berlin and I may not worked well together, however, in any case I still want to spend a few days and nights in the city every now and then. It’s not the climate or the state of mind of some individuals that make me like Berlin. It’s the diversity and the food. So yes, I will be once more traveling to Berlin at whatever time soon.

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