6 Great Hostels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful and unique city. Huge buildings intertwine with a jungle-like environment. Multi-colored bulbs hang all around and are spread all throughout the Malaysian capital. If you are planning to travel there, I’d recommend you these 6 great hostels to stay discussed below.

BackHome Hostel

BackHome Hostel
BackHome Hostel is a very popular hostel amongst travelers as guests can visit the Petronas Towers on foot. The Hostel is very near to all kinds of street food available almost 24 hours a day at affordable prices. The BackHome Hostel is modern in its design. More importantly, rooms and bathroom are very clean. You can also get all the amenities you ask for.
Step Inn Guest House
Step Inn Guest House is a very nice hostel as it is located in the heart of the city. Upon arriving you’ll be greeted by the owner. The owner is kind and accommodating. The rooms have an AC, fan, decent fan and pillows. The whole place doesn’t seem very luxurious but it’s inexpensive and friendly. You may meet very nice people there.
Tune Hotel LCCT
Tune Hotel LCCT
Staying somewhere doesn’t always mean you have to spend a splash of cash. Saving money does not mean you are going to share your bed

with rats and cockroaches either. Tune Hotel LCCT located near airport in Kuala Lumpur is a friendly and comfortable place. You can book a reservation online, which is hassle free. If you are at the Salak Tinggi Station, Jessy, the hostel owner, will pick you up with no extra charge. The rate per night is only 16USD. The beds are really comfortable and the rooms are clean. The whole place is very homey and you’ll feel like you are at home.

Majestic Hotel
If you are looking for some luxury, then you may want to not miss the Majestic Hotel. This hotel is built in 1932 and it went through many different periods. To be exact, the building was initially built as a hotel and later it has been converted into an art gallery. The whole building is a historical heritage. Interior is cozy and spacious. The commodious rooms are equipped with luxurious furniture and modern appliances. The hotel provides a huge yard as well as access to the swimming pool located next to the building.
Sky Hotel
Sky Hotel is a name of 3 star modern boutique hotel. The hotel is located in Bukit Bintant, Kuala Lumpur. This hotel is perfect for business and leisure travelers as it offers luxurious comfort at decent prices. The hotel is located in a good location and it’s close to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Street and Low Yat Plaza. Parking and business facilities are available to guests for free. The hotel also offers free Internet/Wi-Fi access and a restaurant.
Lotus Hotel
Lotus Hotel
Lotus Hotel in Little India area is the name of the very popular place, especially amongst backpackers. It’s located near the tram stop. The hostel offers a great view, hot showers, cozy bathrooms and a wonderful mattress. If you travel during hot summer days, you’ll have access to air conditioning which you can use if you like. The place is run by friendly Indian staff.
I have noticed most hostels in Kuala Lumpur are inexpensive so you aren’t going to spend much. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where are you staying at, what matters is how you’ll spend the time while you are there. Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city and try to visit as many places and cultural heritages as possible.
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