6 Cultural Gifts to Take Home From India

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Gifts to take home from IndiaIndia is known for cultural beauty. Every thing you see and buy in India has a cultural significant meaning, from food, clothing to movies. Their color and the design and the materials used all have a cultural significant meaning. Cultural gifts are a sigh of symbol in India. With many cultural gifts that you can buy and take back home from India the following list is just a taste of many more unique and cultural things you can get in India.

The Indian tea

Taking back the sweet tasting cultural Indian tea is the best gift you can carry with you. Tea is very essential part of an Indian life, buy few boxes and back home with them, choose different varieties. Visit the Assam or Darjeeling and learn one or two things how tea is prepared and how it is grown. (image by FoodBev Photos).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -indian tea Gifts to take home from India


You want your house to smell good, buy the Indian incense. The incense is a subcontinent and is for sure to assault your smell sense being particularly strong. The incense is a cultural gift used at the temples and shrines with different scents. It is good to pair the stick with a carved marble box or an incense stand to make it more unique and cultural.


Bangles have a very significant cultural meaning in india.And after buying cultural tea for your taste, incense for your smell, and then buy the bangles for the sound. You can either buy the glass bangles, or the metal bangles. Ask for the significant meaning of every bangle before you buy them. For the bangles to produce that sound you need to buy many of them.

Scarves, saris, shawls and the henna dye.

The beauty of the India is their clothes, with each representing different cultural meaning, from birth to engangement, to marriage and even death. A different scarve, sari, shawls are won to represent that, with henna dye applied. When shopping for the scarves, saris, shawls and the henna get an expert to assist you so that you can buy the best quality and the best material which will be long lasting. Buy tubes of the henna dye and apply your self when you get back home, learn one or two ways different styles that you can apply the henna.

Arts and crafts.

Traditional artisans make beautiful rags. The beautiful rags have different meaning in India. If the rag is so heavy to carry with you ship it back to your country, it is hard to get such unique rags anywhere apart from India.And don’t forget to buy the leather juttis shoes and also the India high healed sandals.(image by Nkuku Fairtrade)

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Arts and crafts Gifts to take home from India

Movies and music

The Bollywood is the biggest movie producers in the world, with many cultures to learn from the Bollywood DVDs do not forget to some original ones. The classic Indian and devotional music will teach you one or two things about India and its culture.

India is a shopper paradise with many beautiful cultural gifts to take back home and give your friends or just for your home. With beautiful hand made gifts what can beat the beauty of India.


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Feature image by: Mahavir Singh Rathore

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