5 Top Horse Riding Vacations in the United States of America

Horse riding in the United States is not a strange word. It was dated back in the 19th century during the era of the cowboy. Spanish colonists discovered that some part of this continent was not suitable for agriculture due to hostile conditions, but later learnt that cattle herding was ideal. Cattle herding was done using horses and from there on,the issue of horse riding raised a lot of concern. Riding a horse through spectacular scenery, whether it is on a gorgeous beach, through breath taking landscapes, across the rolling hills of the prairie, can be one of the most memorable experiences of anyone’s lifetime. Here are the top destinations for horse riding in the US that will make your dream a reality.

Nevada Ranch

This is one of the most popular ranches in the United States that is loved by many horse riders with a relaxed and personal atmosphere. It is a genuine working cattle and ranch offering guests the true western cowboy experience. Here, the horse riders enjoy unlimited riding on a number of great horses. Presence of a myriad of activities and comfortable accommodation are some of the features that describe this amazing ranch.

Superstition Mountains in Arizona

It is situated near Apache Junction and offers an adventure of it’s own. The isolated hot and dry mountain ranges are home to many legends and it is considered to be one of the richest and most hunted treasures in the world. When exploring this amazing desert lands, guides will tell amazing facts of the Old West and the hidden treasure, set a camp, build a camp fire and offer am overnight trip of a lifetime. Apart from the surrounding beautiful scenery, this is one of the few outfitters that allow riders to gallop at their own pace and feel the moving air. (image by David Orr).

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California Mendocino Coast

It is one of the few ranches offering diverse number of horses strong enough to take through the coastline and enjoy one of the greatest adventures in the surrounding super ranch. Horse riders are free to experience cantering on the deserted Ten Mile Beach, through vast cattle ranches and in the magnificent redwood forests. While enduring the love of dressage and smooth riding riders are offered with a quality selection of horses which are fit ad well schooled, making them a delightful ride.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

This is one of the frequently visited spots by American horse riders. It is commonly referred to as the “roof of the world” and an adventure across this park is an unforgettable experience. It is one of the most scenic national parks with dazzling high altitude lakes, thick forest and a wide diversity of flora and fauna. It’s a must-see place.

California Ranch

It is well known due to its capability of offering the northern California Dude Ranch vacations. It is engulfed in a million acres of Klamath National Forest and sandwiched between the western edge of the Marble Mountain Wilderness and the Klamath River. Its reliable climate makes it one of North America’s most biologically diverse and thriving forests. (image by Julio Cezar Winkler).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - California Ranch Vacations in the United States of America

Others include Colorado Creek Ranch, White Stallion Ranch, and Black Hills in South Dakota and also Amelia Island in Florida. These places will completely make you enjoy your horse riding in this continent. Let us consider our next activity by checking on the neighboring continent. Here are the most affordable resorts in Brazil’s capital, Rio!


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