5 Reasons to Visit Thailand This Spring

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It is spring time once again and the weather is warm and welcoming .The flowers are blooming and plants are growing and the sun is out. Taking a vacation with your family would be the best thing to do this spring and the best place is head is to Asia Thailand. Thailand is country of beautiful culture, landscapes, island and beaches. The five reasons to visit Thailand this spring is just a shadow of many reason for you to visit Thailand frequently.

Beaches and underwater exploration

Thailand has beautiful beaches and snokerling, with spring time here what a better place to be than in the beach and under water exploring. With resorts to suit all taste are preference around Thailand. The islands have beautiful front beach accommodations and unending water spots for your family and you. The snorkeling leaves you breathless of the beauty that the underwater has to offer, different kind of plants and species of animals and fish. The water sports are many around the island; choose one that will excite you. You can even go fishing with the local fishermen and learn their different methods of fishing and also how to cook them.(image by Dry Tortugas NPS).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -underwater exploration Visit Thailand This Spring

Affordable prices

Prices in Thailand are affordable, from many budget hotels and resorts around. International airfare to Thailand is very affordable, so are the domestic airfares. The mode of transport from the train to buses is affordable, with overnight trains to different islands of Thailand. The different Thailand cuisines make meals in Thailand very affordable, with back street that offer all king of dishes some even the international cuisine you cannot miss a meal when in Thailand. Most of the hotels offer packages which include inclusive meals and drinks, transportation and air tickets.

Infrastructures and organization

Thailand is a very organized county, the airport in Bangkok has tourist booth and the immigration controls are very organized and quick to clear you. The infrastructures have been built up with a lot of care, since tourism is very important in Thailand. The ATMs are strategically placed for tourists to spot them upon arrival in the airport and security of high class. The fruit juices, smoothes, coffee and even massage are readily available upon arrival in Thailand. Everything is well organized for the tourists to enjoy their spring vacation in Thailand. You will never miss something interesting to do in Thailand.

The land of smile

Thailand is a land of smile, anywhere you go anyone you look at there is a big smile in their faces. The contagious smile will leave you enjoying every small things of life at the same time making you forget the puzzle and hustler of your life and career. From the airport the friendly approach and smile, the touch of graciousness and the beautiful culture will surely welcome you to a spring holiday mood. The beautiful culture and their beautiful attires and historical sites you give you that big grin in your face. While in Thailand relax and let their contagious smile infect you. (image by Jamie Martina).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website -land of smile Visit Thailand This Spring

Ancient history

Thailand has a rich ancient history that will teach you one or two things about Thailand and its beautiful people.

Enjoy your spring holiday in Thailand and let the beauty and smile of the people of Thailand infect you.


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