5 Countries that Change Their Names? See Why

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In recent years countries have been changing their names due to different reasons like political reasons where countries may either split or join to form two or one country respectively. Changes a countries name is not easy and involves lots of agreements and treaties, it also involves change of government structures as well as their national flag, currency and coat of arms. Here are some countries that have changed their names in recent reasons, read more to see why.

Persia to Iran

Iran is one of the countries in the world who have changed their name from being Persia; this also explains why the Persian language is still being used to date in this Arabian state. Persia changed its name in 1935, the new reborn state was Iran but it never changed the national flag until late 1980. The name was changed upon the request of the Persian government after a diplomatic agreement; Iran is now a world renowned state that has a beautiful flag with a lion and a spear that depicts it as a sovereign state.(image by GolemG).

Lovely Travel www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Iran Countries that Change Their Names

Soviet Union now called Commonwealth of Independent States

The once greatest socialist empire dissolved in 1992, this was shortly after a few member states begun to gain their independence, most of these states later joined up to form the Commonwealth of Independent States. Currently they have two unofficial members and nine official members who all flag their own unique flag. They also changed their old flag to their current blue background flag. Russia is the most significant member of these countries.

Zanzibar and Tanganyika to new Tanzania

Very few people in the world know that the current Tanzania is a result of two countries that merged together to form one country. Tanzania is found in East Africa and it’s next to the Indian Ocean. It all happened in 1964 when Zanzibar and Tanganyika, two former British colonies merged shortly after attaining their independence. The countries merged as a result of a democratic treaty and this would see them drop their flags and adopt a new flag that’s currently a symbol of national unity in Tanzania.

Siam to Thailand

In 1949, Siam changed its name to Thailand. It’s believed that the countries were first changed the names in 1939 at a time which Siam was still at war with United Kingdom. At that time, allies of these nations declined to recognize the change. The country would later adopt the name and a new flag was introduced in 1945. Thailand means free country.(image by David).

Lovely Travel www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Thailand Countries that Change Their Names

Yugoslavia to Serbia and Montenegro

Yugoslavia was formed in 1929 and was made up of Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia, its important to note that the last four states gained their independence gradually over the years. 2006 marked the detachment of Montenegro and Serbia which became free and independent states.

Many countries and states have actually changed their names to what they are today with the newest and youngest country being South Sudan which detached its self from Sudan. Politics and human conflict are the main reasons that country split but others still join hands to boost their economic strengths and significance. Get to these countries that changed their names and learn of their history, most of it is quite interesting.


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