4 Recommended Back Packs For Your Next Back Trip

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Back pack holds all your travel gear together. Back pack in a bizarre way is best of any back packer traveler. A back packer of the wrong size and weight will leave you tired and uncomfortable during your travel adventure. A recommended back packer should have the correct weight and size, they should be having panel loading and a lockable zipper with hide away straps. The 4 recommended back packers are just tip of many more back packers available in the world.

The Rick Steve convertibles carry on back pack

The back pack was designed by rick Steves and he uses it more frequently in his travel. The back pack has unique features like it has a separate interior compartment for dirty clothes and shoes, thus saving you on putting your dirty stuff in a polythene paper bag. It has two mesh bags and a security removable pouch, which you can put your valuable and when you decide to leave your back pack in the room you can move around with the pouch. Has a separate laptop slot and it is sized to accommodate carry on dimension. It has a compression zipper make it expandable. The Steves back packer is comfortable and has the right size for everyone.(image by Andrew Nicholas).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Rick Steve convertibles Back packs for your next back trip

The Osprey fairpoint 40 back pack

The Osprey is a carry on sized back pack which has a full length panel loading design. The back pack has a laptop compartment and a hide away shoulder straps, it has a waist belt which is great. The back pack is available in two different torso length sizes, and that makes it comfortable. The back pack has a water bottle sections and also dividend compartments where you can arrange your things in an order. The back pack is design of different sizes to fit different people. The back pack is very comfortable and thus making it easy to move around with.

Tortuga V2 back pack

The Tortuga V2 offers serious convince and durability. With full length panel loading design, the back pack allows plenty easy access to everything inside the back pack. The easier way of arranging your stuff make it more convient.It has a locking zipper and a side pocket for your water bottle. The Tortuga has minimum exterior straps with a comfortable padded belt. The adjustable straps make it easy for you to adjust the back pack any time you want. You can also hide the straps if you do not want them to be seen.

The Tom Bihn Aeronaut Back pack

The Tom Bihn back pack is known for the exceptional attention to the tiny little organization perks, and it has a super tough material. The back pack can also be turned into a suitcase and it has disappearing back pack straps which you can zip away when you do not want to use them. The back pack has a u-shaped panel thus giving you more convenient loading and unloading of your stuff. It has plenty of compartments so it is easier to arrange your stuff in the best order possible.(image by TOM BIHN).

Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad www.lovely-travel.com - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Tom Bihn Aeronaut Back packs for your next back trip

A back pack should be able to fit all your stuff and be organized in order to give you an easy access to your stuff anytime you need them.


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Feature image by: Kevin Hoyt

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