10 Things to Consider When Visiting Africa

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Africa is a continent full of beauty, culture, resources and amazing people. It boasts some of the most beautiful beaches along its coasts. It has the richest variety of wildlife on earth and some of the most beautiful and significant historical sites in the world. The following are some factors to consider as you visit Africa.
Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids Budget Flights for Africa
There are various ways to get into Africa and one of the most common is by air. It is important to note that flights to Africa can get expensive. However, this factor depends on the time of the year. During the peak season between November and March, the flights are cheaper. In the off-peak season in the months of May to August, it is cheaper to travel to Africa.
Food is an important factor to consider as you make plans to visit Africa. Various countries in Africa eat various types of food. However, that does not mean you cannot enjoy the rich cuisine diversity. Each country has a way and a type of food that accommodates even the fussiest of eaters.
• Currency
Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids African currency for Africa
African currency
There are various currencies in different parts of Africa. One important thing is that there are many foreign exchange bureaus where you can exchange your foreign currency for the local currency. Specifically, in the Southeast Africa area, many banks and institutions buy foreign currency at very competitive rates.
Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids Accommodation in Africa
Accommodation in Africa
Depending on your budget, there are different arrangements for accommodation. There are the luxurious hotels that are expensive. There are the middle class hotels with good facilities, food and offer good services. There are also motels, lodgings and other lower class accommodation. The most important factor with accommodation is that you are comfortable, safe and familiar with the surrounding.
• Transport
There are various means of road transport in Africa. In the Southeast Africa area, there are buses, mini buses, coaches, shuttles, motor bikes and animal drawn carts. Depending on what you want to do or plan for the day, you can easily enjoy all these forms of transport as long as you feel safe and comfortable.
• Culture
Africa is rich in diverse and unique cultures. Whichever country you visit, you have a real opportunity to experience a new and unique culture.
• Safety
Just like any other continent, there is also some insecurity in Africa. This is however dependent on the country that you visit. For instance, a country like Ethiopia might have more insecurity as compared to Uganda. Such factors are important to note so that you take the necessary safety measure to make your stay more enjoyable.
• Activities
You can enjoy countless activities during your stay in Africa. Depending on the country you are visiting, you can relax at the beach go on a safari, go hiking in the hills and mountains or even go for diving. The beauty with the Southeast Africa area is that all these activities are encompassed into one.
Lovely Travel of a Nomadic Dad Travel The World RTW -family Travel with kids Shopping Mall in Africa
Shopping Mall in Africa
• Entertainment
There are excellent malls, movie theaters, restaurants and clothing stores where you can have an enjoyable time.
• Shopping
Your travel is not complete without enjoying a memorable shopping experience. This is especially in terms of the cultural and local items you buy. This is a real opportunity to enjoy different African cultures.
Africa continues to receive millions of tourists each year from all over the world. They travel to see some of the sights and sounds of this breathtaking continent. You have the guarantee of a wonderful experience in Africa.

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