10 Things to Consider When Visiting Africa

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Africa is enormous and diverse , so deciding where to go or even planning your trip will take up a lot of your planning time . Here are some information to save your precious time :
Lovely Travel Around the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Accommodation in Africa
Accommodation in Africa
1) First of all you need to choose your destination and according to that you have the choice when it comes to the accommodation : Hotels , luxury Lodges and even tree houses …
2) You need to know about African languages also because The Arabic language is very common in Northern Africa and if you learn a few phrases in their mother tongue , it will be very helpful to get around for sure but a lot of African countries speak a second language for example : In Morocco or Tunisia French is spoken fluently . In Cameroon , Gambia , Ghana , Kenya , Malawi they speak English .
3) Of course when it comes to traveling , having money is crucial so you need to know the currency used in the country of your destination because in Africa each country has its own currency . A little research on that will help you a lot .
Lovely Travel Around the World RTW -family activities Budget Flight Travel to Africa
Flight to Africa
4) cheap flights when traveling to Africa from the United States should be easy to find if you follow some Rules. There aren’t a lot of airlines considering the continent, therefore you can book up your flight very quickly . A good airfare to almost all destinations in Africa, from the US, should be around $1200-$1400. If you are traveling to some countries from north Africa the price should be around $900 .
5) In order to find your way in foreign countries I highly recommend an application for your smart phone to help you . Here is a list of travel apps that I would recommend you download in your phone or iPad before taking the plane . Whether you’re planning to go on a safari, or a long weekend ,these travel applications are priceless : Kindle , Wi-Fi Finder , Skype , XE Currency Converter , TripAdvisor , StarWalk , TomTom Southern Africa …
6) With a different climates and growing conditions, the ingredients in African cuisine are diverse. But, some foods are common . For example in the North Olive oil is frequently used in cooking and the food is very spicy However the cuisine of the West Africans tend tends to rely on starchy foods that provides energy . Water has a strong ritual significance in a lot of African nations and will be the first thing an African host will offer to you .
7) A lot of African countries require visas and this can take a few weeks to sort out You just have to phone the consulate of the country you want to travel to in Africa to find out whether you will need a visa or not .
8) Vaccinations are very important, and some of the vaccinations that are really recommended need to be administered a few months before your trip. While most of Africa is very safe for travelers, situations do change and it’s very important to keep up to date with travel warnings .
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First Aid Kit
9) It’s important to bring a medical or a first aid kit with you when traveling to Africa. There are few hospitals and doctors , moreover , the medical supplies you will find are really thin. The doctors are pretty much well-trained and familiar with the local diseases and ailments however. Therefore you should really trust their prescriptions and follow their advice. They will recognize all the symptoms of popular diseases like Malaria or Dengue fever a lot quicker than your family doctor in your own country.
10) Traveling around Africa often requires a lot of stamina and time. African public transport are not always on time , however , there are a lot of really great places you cannot reach without a car.The best experiences you’ll have will be when you are riding from a place to another .
Alright , Now you know everything you must be aware of on a trip to Africa , All you have to do is to start working on it and I have to say : Enjoy your trip !

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