10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ireland


The actions of spending holidays and moment with family members create a strong bond. It also enable children emulate the degree of love their parents have to them and also between them. Are you planning to give your family or friend one of the memorable holiday in life? Then you should consider taking them to among the best place in the world which is found in Ireland. There are various places you can take your loved ones in Ireland.

If you are planning to visit Ireland then consider the following places:

1. Yeats tower and Coole Park
2. Killarney and Ring of Kerry
3. Cliffs of Mohr
4. Donegal
5. Connemara and Kylemore
6. Durty Nelly’s
7. Bunratty castle
8. Slogo
9. Cork
10 Galway

Yeats tower and Coole Park

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Consider getting yourself yeast’s life knowledgeable docent and let him or her take you through climbing the charming stone yeast tower. The tower is located in a refreshing garden called Coole Park which is lined with graced beautiful flora and Cyprus trees. Whoever visits this place always longs to go back and see the amazing beauty of the place.(image by Vicki Devine).

Killarney and Ring of Kerry

The main town found in Kerry County is Tralee which hosts the significant town of Killarney. There is mountainous Killarney National park in which you will find Lakes of Killarney an area with its own natural beauty. Visit this mystical part of the county perfect for outdoor activities like cycling and golf.

Cliffs of Mohr

Have you ever watched the Waking Ned Devine movie? Then you are familiar with these beautiful cliffs which featured at the end of the movie. Due to erosion effect, the attraction of amazing Irish Sea may be gone sooner or later so make some effort and you will appreciate its natural and fantastic beauty.


You will find the beautiful Glenveagh National Park in this exceptional county which has breathtaking views and friendly people who welcomes you as their son or daughter. If you love outdoor activities like salmon and trout fishing then this park provides you with that opportunity you have lacked for those years.

Connemara and Kylemore

The residents of Connemara use Gaelic as their native language. If you are wondering how natural thatch-roofed cottages looks like and how it feels being inside one, then pay visit to this place and you will be amazed to see how decorative they are. You can access the Aran Island from the west shore of Connemara. The Kylemore Abbey a place you can visit if you travel by means of cars.

Durty Nelly’s

Have you ever visited a place where during winter period there is plenty of blazing hearth fire warming you to the outside? Then Durty Nelly’s is a must visit place which also has pints of Guinness stout flowing and you will be warmed on the inside.

Bunratty castle

If exploration is part of your hobby then visiting Bunratty castle during day time will give you chance to explore its quads and turrets. For those people who love drama then they are presented with opportunity of participating in drama shoes played before dinner is served.


The landscape of this county slogo county is dominated mainly by knocknarea Mountain. The Queen Maeve of Connaught was buried in this county and you will find her 40 foot high stone cairn mythical place of burial. Have you ever read the poems of famous poet W.B yeatsand loved them? Be sure to visit Drumcliff village which is his rest place.


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This is a college town and hosts a university which has both old and contemporary architecture with central grassy quad. You can walk from one end to another thus exercising your body as you close the promenade by Galway Bay. There is a giant fountain at the central part of the town which occasionally bubbles over with giant suds.(image by Phalinn Ooi).


Residents call this county ?The Rebel County’ after role cork played during Irish War of independence. It is tourists attraction place. Animal lovers visit Fota Wildlife Park the 70 acre site which is like abnormal zoo.


Take your family to Ireland and let them see the amazing natural places at their own. They will be real first hand story tellers but not after reading from books and other materials. Thanks.

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