10 Great Attractions In Rome, Italy

Rome best known as eternal city is the capital and the largest city in Italy. Rome has been in existence for the last 2800 years and over the world it has exerted a huge influence due to it being a millennium center of power, religion and culture. While at rome these are the best top places that you can visit to have a true experience of the city.

1.The Ara Pacis Museum – This museum was opened in 2006 during spring and it was designed by Richard Meier who is an international architect. The museum is named after Altar of Peace which is over 2,000years old and was used for sacrifices. It used to be a commanding work of Roman architecture and art that has been lost for centuries to civilization (image by ere7my ).

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2. Santa Maria degli angeli e dei Martiri – is a unique church that was designed by Michelangelo. Within the walls of Baths of Diocletian is where the church has been built. After the church was built it was dedicated to the Angels, Virgin Mary and the Christians who were salves and died while constructing the Baths. In the church you will find relics, tombs and art.

3. Musei Capitolini – these are statues that constitutes of original core collection and the collection has been expanded by various popes with works that have been taken from excavations around Rome. Some of the collections have been moved from the Vatican and there are others that have been brought specifically for the museum.

4. Canals of Venice – along the Grand Canal there are romantic gondolas that have made the place to be popular earning its status. There are more than 150 canals that has been stitched together becoming the central to its character.

5. Colosseum – this is the most famous and largest amphitheater I the Roman world. The Colosseum is able to host 50,000spectators and the building has more than 80 entrances.

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6. Piazza Del Campo – this is the greatest medieval square in Europe and in Siena, Tuscany it is the principal public space of the historic center. Piazza Del campo is known all over the world because of its beauty and its architectural integrity.(image by Mircea Turcan).

7. Positano – this is a small town which is located on the Amafi Coast and is best known for its rugged terrain. From top to the bottom the city seems to be scattered down a hillside leading to the coast. The town used to be a fishing village before growing to be one of the tourist attractions in Rome.

8. Lake Como – this is an area that is very popular for visitors for over 100 years. The place has a combination of fresh air, mountains, water and has good weather.(image by Nico Franano).

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9. Leaning Tower of Pisa – the tower is world famous and it took more than 177 years to be built. The tower began to sink after being completed due to poor foundation but later it was built to higher floors.

10. San Gimignano – this is a village that has 14 stone towers which has made it be a famous location for tourists.

Rome is a city with full of great attraction for tourists to visit and explore. It’s a place you can’t miss to go whenever you are planning to go for a holiday. This city should be in the top list of the places you would wish to visit.

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